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  Hello, I am Patrick Wardell, owner  of TNT Tree Services & Stump Grinding LLC. I have been in this service for 20+ years. Ive tried many different careers, and I was never happy until I was helping customers with exceptional quality tree service. I started in 2003 doing side jobs with a single chainsaw and a single rope. In 2005 I decided that I was going to stop driving truck and go full time tree care. TNT was born. It sure was hard at first, but the determination and passion I have, along with support from my family, I was able to make my dream come true.

When it comes to tree care, we understand that it can get pretty expensive. It is very common for the consumer to get multiple estimates from different companies, and our prices are very steady and reasonable. Our estimates are based on what is actually needed of the tree or service you are asking for. If the tree can be safely preserved and be healthy for more years to come, we will make sure you’re the first to know.


Other variables of pricing are based on the location of the tree, what kind of equipment that may be needed to do the job, how many man hours it will take, any kind of objects or structures that may be in the way that would require the use of ropes to lower brush and logs to prevent damage to lawns, decks, pools, or any other valuable property you may have. Cleanup of the debris is very important as well. Our goal is not to just go in and make a quick buck and leave a mess.

We want to make sure your decision is in the best interest of you, the services you require, and your property. So give us a call.

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