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Tree Removal



TNT'S experienced crew provides superb quality tree removal, for any unstable, dead, or hazardous trees which gives you the peace of mind you need to tackle any problems in your yard. At TNT Tree Service, we strictly manage the removal process to protect your property and landscaping.


We have regular business hours and weekend appointments available for your convenience. Our arborist will provide a free estimate and answer all of your questions about the removal process. TNT is fully licensed and insured, and we offer: Prompt service, Safe detailed extractions, with outstanding debris cleanup.


Our crew is respectful of your property and pays close attention to detail in order to complete the removal according to industry standards and safety codes. We work hard to provide excellent customer service and ensure you’re happy with the results before we leave. Grand Rapids, MI, tree removal can help solve problems that may compromise the growth of your trees.


Call TNT Tree Service to make an appointment and let us deliver stellar tree removal services to protect your property.


Tree Stump Grinding


Using state-of-the-art equipment, the team at TNT can effectively grind your tree stumps to a mere pulp. Tree stump grinding requires heavy machinery, along with the right experience and skill, to ensure a safe quality service.


Don't take chances when TNT Tree Service offers reasonable rates and easy appointment scheduling for commercial and residential customers across Grand Rapids, MI. Improve your property and eliminate potential trip hazards with thorough, effective tree stump grinding services from TNT Tree Service. Call us today for more information or to request an estimate for your home or place of business.


Tree Trimming or Bush Pruning


Trimming trees and shrubs helps ensure safety, promote plant health, and maintain beauty. But improper pruning can weaken the branch structure, cause cuts to improperly heal, and encourage the growth of suckers that can divert energy from those areas of the tree that need it most.


Properly pruning trees and shrubs requires an understanding of tree species, knowledge of best practices for pruning in Grand Rapids, MI, and a commitment to ongoing education. The arborist's at TNT are Grand Rapids, MI's experts in tree care; and we understand the important role your trees play in your home’s landscape.


We have the skill and equipment to prune your trees and shrubs according to the very latest guidelines for appearance, health and safety. Could your trees or shrubs use some professional attention? Keep them healthy and vibrant with an experienced tree-trimming specialist in Grand Rapids, MI, TNT is the only call you need to make.


24/HR Emergency Services


Weather can be a nuisance at times. If you have a branch fall on your house, fence, yard, or one that is hazardous which would be a liability to you. TNT Tree Service can help. When it comes to issues like this, we are right there for you. We also travel to help cities and towns of major storms that went through and did major damage. A full 24 hours service.



       Valuable trees that pose a threat to become hazardous, or have a chance of failure, may be preserved by a strong support system. Examples may include, cracks, splits, previously damaged, limbs, or trunks. TNT offers expert cabling/bracing. Depending on the structural support your trees may need, we would use 3/8", or 1/4" high tensile strength galvanized steel cable, otherwise in smaller tree situations we also use high strength webbing. These systems of reinforcement provide the needed structural support and are designed for all seasons. Cabling/bracing helps relieve stress in strong wind storms, ice storms, thunderstorms and help strengthen normal movement and growth of the tree.
In a few easy steps TNT can help you make the best decision for your tree and home.


Contact TNT today for a free assessment.

Oak Season

Winter season is OAK season and this paragraph will explain why. Oaks need to be cut when its cold out, due to a fungal disease by the organism  Bretziella fagacearum. Oak wilt is a devastating exotic disease, killing some trees rapidly in a single season, and sometimes it can take a few seasons. The disease is dispersed by insect vectors and to adjacent trees through underground root networks. However, human spread is the most consequential dispersal method. By moving known infectious oak wood after it was cut down or trimmed. There is hope though. That is why it is important to only trim them during the colder months. It gives the tree time to heal itself to prevent the infection.

A few pictures to the left will show the cycle and what to look for.

Oak Wilt first appear inside the bark as spore mats, which cause the bark to crack. Unfortunately you probably won’t see this symptom. The spores smell sweet and attract the sap-sucking Nitidulid Beetle. This beetle feeds on the sap from the fresh wounds in the tree made from pruning, storm damage, or other injuries, which in turn spread the fungus. Once the fungus reaches the vascular tissue, the tree tries to protect itself from the further spread by plugging cells and causing branches to wilt. Starting at the leaves. However, it’s good to keep in mind that all the different Oaks behave differently when infected. You will notice yellowing and then browning leaves at the top of your trees. The individual leaves will begin to brown at the margin toward the end of the leaf and then progress down the margin to the stem. As the leaves brown, they will fall from the tree and litter the ground. Here is the kicker, once the wilt starts and the fungi is spread there is no saving the infected tree. And if not taken care of in a prominent timely matter, you may not be able to save the surrounding oaks nearby.

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